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2019 Contra Costa Creek & Watershed Field Day!

View the projects you learned about at the Symposium!

On December 6th, take a tour of restoration projects throughout Contra Costa. Learn about wildlife, and where it can be found. 

Create your own itinerary from the options below, whether you focus on one watershed, or get to see it all, this is a wonderful opportunity to learn more about our creeks!

East County

Upper Sand Creek Basin (Antioch)

1pm to 3pm

Meet at Upper Sand Creek Basin

This field trip is designed to show the public the Upper Sand Creek Basin, while giving them an overview and explanation of the work that has been done.

10 acres of the basin is a dedicated, restored wetland. Natural stream channels were created at groundwater level, creating a habitat that thrives year-round. Volunteer restoration efforts continue annually through a partnership with Earth Team and Friends of Marsh Creek Watershed.

Experts will lead this tour of a thriving creek restoration in a part of Antioch that is usually off limits!

The Upper Sand Creek Basin Field Trip is being hosted on Friday, December 6 from 

Three Creeks Restoration Project (Brentwood)

The Three Creeks Parkway Restoration Project is scheduled to go to construction in summer 2020! Over the next four years, this project will employ nature-based solutions to improve the flood control channel to restore floodplain and riparian vegetation along 4,000 linear feet; slow floodwaters, filter pollutants, and lower water temperatures to improve water quality; improve riparian habitat and provide a habitat corridor for native species; and deeply engage partners to inspire further action in the watershed.

On this tour, you will get a snapshot of what the “Before” will look like, and offered a vision of what the future riparian will look like, and a better understanding of how it will function.

Central County

Concord Hills Regional Park Tour

Watershed Forum participants have a unique chance to tour a future regional park, before it opens to the public. The East Bay Regional Park District will host a tour of the future “Concord Hills Regional Park,” a 2,500-acre park being created from the land of the former Concord Naval Weapons Station. The Park, when open, will provide a full range of trail opportunities, wildlife preservation, habitat restoration and environmental and historic interpretation. The Mt. Diablo Creek forms the border of the Park District property, and the Park includes a large portion of the Creek watershed. On this tour, the Park District will highlight the watershed protection plans, and show how to connect watershed protection to historic interpretation.

Lower Walnut Creek Twilight Tour

Lower Walnut Creek is one of the projects highlighted during the Symposium, this is your opportunity to be one of the few individuals to receive a twilight tour of the future restoration sight. Paul Detjens, Senior Civil Engineer with the Contra Costa County Flood Control District, will lead you on a guided tour along Lower Walnut Creek, terminating at the Pacheco Marsh just in time to see the sun set over Suisun Bay. Learn about the future restoration and see the wildlife that inhabits this part of the Walnut Creek watershed.

 This tour will be great for bird and wildlife enthusiasts, and intrepid photographers.

 The Lower Walnut Creek Twilight Tour is scheduled for Friday, December 6 from 3pm-5pm. 

West County

El Cerrito Creek Tour (El Cerrito)

10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

Meet at El Cerrito Bart Station

For 30 years, lower Cerrito Creek and its watershed have been the focus of ongoing efforts by the City of El Cerrito, nonprofit Friends of Five Creeks, and others including the City of Albany. Rain gardens, trails, and revival of what had been largely a weed-choked ditch show success. But change in a built-out city is hard.

There is a long way to go to realize El Cerrito’s goal of a continuous trail along a fully “daylighted” creek. Climate change, bringing sea-level rise and more-severe storms, is adding new challenges.

Pinole Creek Fish Passage Tour (Pinole)


Meet in parking lot of Pinole Valley Lanes

Take a tour of the Pinole Creek Fish Passage – Stroll through the reconstructed culvert under Interstate 80 in Pinole, and learn about the history of the watershed, what makes it special, and how it has benefitted local salmonids since 2016.

The Pinole Creek watershed provides some of the healthiest spawning grounds for local salmonids, with the replacement of the low flow channel under Interstate 80, salmonids have been able to breach a barrier that has been in place since the completion of I-80 in the 1960’s.

The tour is co-sponsored by the Contra Costa Resource Conservation District and Friends of Pinole Creek Watershed.

Green Infrastructure in North Richmond

View this innovative project taking place in North Richmond! Learn about Green Infrastructure, urban greening, and the watershed awareness/interpretive features that are in place to engage with the public.

Tour is led by the County Watershed Program and the Watershed Project.