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Contra Costa Watershed Forum

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About Us

The Forum is an open committee of some fifty organizations, including state and local agencies, local non-profit environmental and education organizations, community volunteer groups, and private citizens. The work of CCWF participants is premised on the notion that actions in a watershed are inter-related and, therefore, that broad participation and cooperation is needed to affect change. Members of the CCWF work together to find common approaches to making our water resources healthy, functional, attractive and safe community assets.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Contra Costa Watershed Forum is to identify common principles among parties involved in creek and watershed issues and promote actions that transform these principles into multi-objective enhancements of creeks and watersheds throughout the county. More about the Contra Costa Watershed Forum...


The Contra Costa Watershed Forum started as a result of the Creek and Watershed Symposium in 1999 where more than 100 people came and talked about a need to create a countywide body to exchange valuable watershed related information and to work together for a common goal. More...


The Contra Costa Watershed Forum is staffed by the Contra Costa County Department of Conservation and Development.  Many participants contribute valuable time and energy to Watershed Forum projects and programs.  Please click here for staff contact information.

Forum Participants

The Contra Costa Watershed Forum has no formal membership. For reference, a list of organizations that participate in Contra Costa Watershed Forum is provided.  Attendace at meeting and involvement in projects varies greatly.