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Blizzard has considered to include Horde and Alliance collaborations within the dungeons of World of Warcraft.

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The rivalry between the two World of Warcraft factions has almost biblical proportions. Since the release of this game more than 15 years ago, Blizzard has reinforced this dispute and has given it more and more elements to make it more complex and interesting. In fact, this is one of the aspects that has made this MMORPG as legendary as it is today.

The same players are in charge of giving voice to this rivalry and keeping it as fervent as the first day, thanks to the role-playing component that this game has. For this reason, Blizzard hasn’t offered the possibility for both sides to cooperate to complete any mission, no matter how difficult they may be. Of course, this also has to do with the fact that characters from different sides can't do much more than fight each other and have simple conversations. However, as reported by PC Gamer, the game's development team has considered the possibility of having both sides work as a team, but they have not yet decided to do so.

WOWclassicgp website spoke with the director of the game, Ion Hazzikostas, who revealed some details of this collaboration that would be a total revolution in World of Warcraft. Although he did not talk about any change in gold, so you can buy wow gold at WOWclassicgp without problems. "This is something we've talked about a great deal. We know it's a very real problem, particularly at the highest level of raiding and in the Mythic dungeon scene." Beyond that, Hazzikostas admits that they want to take care of the identity of the sides because it is very important for them and to maintain balance within the game. "

Honestly, I wouldn't say never. That's what I wanted to get at with my answer above. There are tons of reasons why maintaining faction identity is essential... In an ideal world, all of these priorities would coexist but, at the same time, at the end of the day in an MMO like World of Warcraft, it's all about being able to play with your friends, being able to play wherever you want to be, and it can be argued that you feel more identity with a faction if you feel that you can truly choose the one with which you feel more identified, the one you feel more part of, and not having to sacrifice that because you need to be in a group or want to join a higher level clan. I have colleagues who are lifelong Alliance players who now play Horde but really wish they could be Alliance, but they do so for clan reasons.

I know there are hundreds of thousands, maybe more, who are in the same boat throughout the world. We would love to do something for them. " There is no doubt that it sounds interesting to be able to collaborate with people that you have always faced throughout your life in World of Warcraft for being on the other side. However, will it be something that all players accept? For now, this is nothing more than a simple approach and a kind of advice from Blizzard to see how the community would take this hypothetical truce. WoW Shadowlands is now available worldwide on Microsoft Windows PC and MAC OS.

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