The Contra Costa Watershed Forum is an outgrowth of the first countywide Creek and Watershed Symposium in 1999.  More than 100 people came and talked about a need to create a countywide body to exchange valuable watershed related information and to work together for a common goal. In 2000, the County Board of Supervisors officially recognized (PDF) the Forum as a valuable committee for coordinating creek and watershed discussion and planning.

Since then, staff members from the County Community Development Department facilitate bimonthly meetings throughout Contra Costa County, create meeting agendas and minutes, and assist with many Forum projects.


The first Countywide Creek and Watershed Symposium was held in Walnut Creek.

Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors formally recognized the Contra Costa Watershed Forum and authorized the Community Development Department and the Public Works Department to provide staff support to the Forum.

Created a website: http://www.cocowaterweb.org


Developed and implemented pilot Citizen GPS Creek Mapping and Monitoring Program (partially funded by CALFED)

Trained over 80 volunteers to implement GPS mapping protocol.

Completed pilot program and decided to look for funding to continue and expand the program.


Initiated creek mapping from aerial photos.


Created and posted Creek and Watershed Signs (funded by the Contra Costa Fish and Wildlife Committee)

Published the “Contra Costa County Watershed Atlas” (partially funded by grant money from Proposition 13, CCC Fish and Wildlife Committee, and Contra Costa County.

Convened the 2nd Quadrennial Creek and Watershed Symposium in Walnut Creek attended by over 300 people


Hired dedicated staff to coordinate the Volunteer GPS Creek Mapping and Monitoring Program

Expanded the Citizen Creek Monitoring Program to include a countywide Benthic Macroinvertebrate Study (bugs)

Expanded the Citizen Creek Monitoring Program to include a countywide Benthic Macroinvertebrate Study (bugs)


Trained over 60 volunteers to implement the California Rapid Bioassessment protocol

Collected Macroinvertebrate samples at over 40 sites in Contra Costa County

Completed a 4 month-long strategic planning process with Contra Costa Watershed Forum participants


Presented several awards to celebrate individuals who have given tremendous contributions to local watersheds in Contra Costa County.

Hosted three evening creek and watershed symposia in March and April.


Convened the 3rd Quadreenial Creek and Watershed Symposium (November)